Addicts opt for chang’aa, bhang as gov’t tightens surveillance on cocaine

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A combined team of security personnel in liaison with chiefs and their assistants managed to arrest 31 people and confiscated 9080 litres of kangara in various parts of Kiambu County in the month of August 2019.

According to a report from Kiambu County commissioner availed to KNA on Saturday, the team also nabbed 190 liters of chang’aa and 230 litres of Busaa, muratina and karubu respectively.

There  was also no recovery of cocaine or heroin from the region and this is an indication that the team up scaled on the surveillance from the areas which are notorious with the supply which is Ruaka, Kabete and Gachie.

Within a period of only one month, 5,727 rolls of bhang and 5,667 Kgs of bhang were recovered from the suspects who either were selling or consuming the illicit drugs going by court records.

During  the operation which the Kiambu County Commissioner (CC), Wilson  Wanyanga reminded chiefs and their assistants that anybody in whose jurisdiction the drugs would be found would be squarely be held answerable and that there will no longer be blanket condemnation of the provincial administration.

“Everybody shall carry their own cross if you intend to keep your job as the government will not allow her people to consume poisonous substances in the name of business by a few who intended to lace alcohol to make quick money,” he warned.

He particularly singled out river banks as areas where brewers were carrying on illegal businesses saying chiefs whose jurisdiction covered such natural resources should be vigilant and ensure that they patrolled them frequently to rid them of illegalities.

At least 25.8 litres of second generation alcohol was also confiscated during the month under review.

Data captured in the report indicate that there were 800 litres of Kangara with 9.8 of the second generation alcohol while there was no one arrested while in possession of chang’aa during the first week of August.

The  security teams went a notch higher on second week from August 9 to 15 when they nabbed 133.5 litres of chang’aa, 1400 of kangara and 100 of muratina and 8 liters of the second generation brew while during the week from August 16 to 22, they netted 16.5 litres of chang’aa, 6080 of kangara and 130 liters of busaa respectively.

From the week of August 23 to 29, the team confiscated 40 litres of chang’aa, 400 liters of kangara and none of either Busaa, muratina or karubu was recovered, while from September 30 to 5, 2019, the team confiscated 400 liters of kangara and none of chang’aa or second generation alcohol.

However, during the period under review, there were no drinking dens that were destroyed and the killer substances that  are used in the manufacturing of the alcohol namely ethanol and methanol were not recovered too.

By  Lydia  Shiloya

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