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Administration officers in Murang’a embark on educating the public on BBI

Ministry of Interior Administrators in Murang’a county will from next week start sensitizing members of the public on details contained in the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) report.
On Monday administration officers drawn from the county and led by the County Commissioner (CC) Mr. Mohammed Barre were taken through the document in a forum that was held in Murang’a town.
The County Commissioner noted that Kenyans need to read the document and the administrators will help to explain where residents do not understand.
The administrator added that they will hold public barazas for the purpose adding that all the officers have been provided with copies of the BBI and that the government is working to provide shortened copies of the report to members of the public.
“We have provided our officers with the correct version of the BBI. We want them to help the wananchi understand the report so as to avoid confusion and shun those with the ill intention of giving false information,” he said.
“The report clearly states the legislative, constitutional and administrative and policy amendments that needs to be done to ensure we have a cohesive, indivisible and progressive republic of Kenya,” added Barre.
The administrators, including Deputy County Commissioners, Assistant County Commissioners, Chiefs and their assistants in their respective capacity are chief agents of the Government in enlightening the public about the BBI Barre noted.

National government administration officers from Murang’a county in a forum where they were enlightened about BBI report on Monday October 2, 2020.

“BBI is a Government policy and as administrators we want to be in the forefront in educating the public on the real content of the report. We will demystify the content of the report so that every mwananchi in this county will understand it before making a personal decision,” he said, adding that any Government policy seeking law amendments requires full engagement of the citizens.
Meanwhile, Barre has cautioned chiefs against taking sides in succession cases where widows and widowers have been deprived of their land.
In some incidents, the CC observed that some chiefs have been acting like land brokers thus not being fair during succession cases.
“As administrators we are expected to ensure every mwananchi gets his or her rights. Let the real heirs get property of their parents without being in corruption deals,” he further said.
The security team, he noted, is also dedicated to crackdown selling of illicit brews and trafficking of bhang which have remained a challenge in the county.
“Security team will employ various measures to crack down on brewing and selling of illicit alcohol as well as deal with criminals selling bhang in this county,” he further said.

By Bernard Munyao

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