Administrator bans local processing,trading of molasses

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Lugari Sub-County Deputy County Commissioner Mr. Moses Gicharu has banned local processing and distribution of molasses until the dealers get operation permits from the Sugar Directorate as part of strategy to control illicit brewing that is deeply seated in the region.

The DCC directed police and other relevant security agencies to ensure boda boda riders found transporting molasses and processed outlawed liquor are arrested.

Gicharu said the intelligence reports indicated that continued high consumption of illicit brew is contributed by chang’aa making using molasses produced locally in the Sub-County.

“I understand this outlawed brewing is heavily enhanced by presence of so many molasses producing points,” he said when he spoke exclusively to KNA on Thursday at his office in Lumakanda.

The DCC said that the licensing of local molasses processers is an important step to control illicit brewing since the product forms an important raw material in chang’aa processing.

Gicharu warned that security agencies will mount heavy crackdown on local brewers, consumers and those who aid outlawed brewing production until success is achieved.

He, however pleaded with the leadership to educate the locals on dangers of illicit brewing including its contribution to high level of poverty and crime rates.

Gicharu insisted that rising cases of parental irresponsibility, poverty, crime and dropping levels of school national exam performance in the area was heavily contributed by continued consumption of illicit brewing together with other outlawed drugs.

The DCC however promised that the government will continue with empowerment of communities to start legal businesses.

“Our government has provided diverse options of funding for one to begin genuine business and that’s why our people should be made to understand those ways,” Gicharu said.

He revealed that National Government Affirmative Action Funds, Uwezo funds and Women Enterprise Funds are among channels the government is using to ensure people at the lower levels get funding to begin legal businesses.

By Geoffrey Satia

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