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Charity organization build a house for a widow

A 35-year-old widow from Wang’chieng’ ward in Rachuonyo North Sub-County can now afford to smile after a Community Based Organization (CBO) offered to build her a new house.

Beatrice Adhiambo, a mother of five, has been living in a dilapidated iron-sheet structure as a result of poverty before the CBO, Wang’chieng Spiritual Leaders, came in to support her with a house.

The CBO consists of different spiritual leaders from different denominations with a common goal of bringing hope to the vulnerable members of the community.

Speaking to KNA at the Adhiambo’s compound, the chairman, Peter Yoya, said that the widow has been living in a very poor condition, something that compelled them to provide her with a better shelter.

“This woman has been rained on several times as the result of living in a dilapidated structure she used as shelter,” said Yoya.

He said that in their programme, they build houses for widows and that they have already supported four of them.

Individuals who have been affected by floods in the region have also been supported in form of food donations through the programme.

Yoya appealed to well-wishers and donors to assist them in bringing hope to orphans, widows and other vulnerable members of the community, adding that until now they have been using funds directly from their pockets.

“A community that cannot help orphans and the widows is cursed, therefore, let’s unite and help our people,” he said.

On her part, Adhiambo lauded the organization for building her a house, something that she has been longing for a long time now. She urged other women to join the organization to continue bringing hope to others.

“Due to culture, when my husband died, I had to move out from our homestead to establish my own home, and that is why I had to live in this poor structure,” said Adhiambo.

Among her five children, the eldest is physically disabled.

Isiah Olwenda, the widow’s pastor, said that the CBO aims at uniting the whole community to ensure that people live in love and harmony without any kind of discrimination.

By Brian Odhiambo and Sitna

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