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State issues stern warning on job scams

Imenti South Deputy County Commissioner Mary Mwangi has urged area residents to be wary of con people in the sub County claiming to be recruitment agents of the Public Service Commission and Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Speaking to the media, Ms. Mwangi said they have received information that some strangers were roaming in the Sub County claiming to be recruitment agents working on behalf of the two institutions with intentions of conning unsuspecting job seekers in the area.

She urged unemployed youths in the sub-county to follow laid down and clear procedures while applying for jobs in the public and other sectors to avoid being conned.

Ms. Mwangi urged the public to be on high alert to avoid losing money to such people, saying the national government as well as other potential employers do not carry out any recruitment for employment without formal public advertisements.

She said the security agencies are investigating incidents where several people had reported having fallen victim to the trap of the fraudsters promising to have them employed either by the national and county governments, especially in the security section and urged the public to volunteer information. She warned that the government will take action against anybody colluding with such fraudsters.

“Employment in the public and private sector should be based on the qualifications and should not attract any amount of money from the potential employee at any point. The culprits should be reported to face the full force of the law for corruption,” Mwangi said.

The administrator urged all unemployed teachers in the sub-county to present their application forms attached with the required certificates and credentials to the sub-county TSC office, and ensure they were left with copies of what they present in case of a need to refer or follow-up in future.

While saying that not all qualified applicants will be employed at the same time, Mwangi told them the government was committed to working with the private sector in having everybody access employment opportunities to be able to contribute in nation building.

She therefore encouraged the youth to seek employment in private schools as they wait for opportunities to open up at the TSC, along with pursuing individual passion in income generating projects while at home.

By Makaa Margaret

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