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Against All Odds, Migori Mechanic Thrives

The strength of women has always been undermined since time immemorial; they are usually limited to domestic duties and their contributions in most societies are taken for granted.

However, in Migori County, 22-year-old Jennifer Kerubo has broken the norm by venturing into both motor vehicle and motorcycle mechanics, a job that was initially considered a reserve for men.

Watching her competing with her male counterparts in repairing motorcycles in the heart of Migori town has left many wondering if she has been satisfying the mass of her customers thronging her garage.

“Unless you have sought her services and made a one-on-one chat with the young hard working lady, you will pass everything she does on the motorbikes  as a joke taken too far,” said a client Peter Onyango, who confesses his satisfaction with a perfect job from Kerubo.

The soft spoken woman and mother of one says the route she chose to pursue after her secondary education was as a result of the faith she has in God who revealed to her the path to take to break the harsh economic condition she went through in her tender life.

According to Ms Kerubo, the high rate of unemployment in Kenya prompted her to make a decision of pursuing mechanics to accomplish her ambition, a choice that she is still proud of.

Jennifer Kerubo repairs motorcycles at her employer’s garage in Migori town.

“I knew that all over our country, there are no jobs, even if I had opted to do office work, still I wouldn’t have been able to secure employment, so I gave mechanics a shot so that I could accomplish my mission.”

Though the nature of her job poses hazards such as hand injuries and often getting dirty, she states that she is still determined to put in more effort, and accepts these challenges as part of life.

Kerubo, a first born of a single parent, further says most people including her mother, did not believe that a woman can manage to do such kind of a job.

They thought that sooner or later she was going to quit but they were surprised to see her progress on day by day and were amazed at her daring spirit that leaves no excuse to quit.

Today, Jennifer has a piece of advice to young people not to shun away from  learning technical courses adding the skills acquired provide one with more opportunities for self-employment.

Kerubo who has one male sibling acquired her skills at Narok Technical  College where she received training in motor vehicle repairs for two years.

She was thereafter employed by Mr. Kevin Onyango at his motorcycle repairs workshop and who pays her a good commission at the end of each day.

The commission she earns each day depends on the number of motorbikes she repairs at the end of the day, but which she says is good for her survival and that of her family.

“I look forward to opening my own garage in future if fate allows me good financial base to purchase the necessary tools for the game,” she said.

By Agimba and KNA team

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