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Agriculture boss urges Tharaka Nithi Farmers to diversify

The county director of agriculture in Tharaka Nithi, Nicholas Mohaya has urged farmers in the county to diversify their crops. Speaking at Chuka, the director insisted on the importance of growing different types of fruits and vegetables.

            Farmers should engage in both cash crop and food crop farming.  This will ensure there is plenty of food in the county and also ensure a well maintained nutrition.

            The governor of Tharaka Nithi County, Muthomi Njuki had earlier on distributed cereals for planting to different wards in the county which should be well maintained to ensure their sustainable growth.

            With the rains already here, Mohaya urged farmers to utilize the opportunity effectively and start farming immediately. Farmers should also practice water conservation during the rainy season by use of tanks. This will ensure there is sufficient water supply during the dry period. He added it is also important to practice soil conservation to prevent soil erosion.

By Sharon Gitau and Jackline Mwende

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