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Govenor Josphat Nanok and Senator Malachy Ekal fallout

The  Turkana County Senator, Malachy Ekal and govenor Josphat Nanok differed publicly for the first time after a long period of conflicts on social media.

Prof. Ekal  who campaigned along Nanok during the 2017 elections on ODM ticket and secured their seats have been reading from different scripts over the Turkana tourism and cultural festival dubbed Tobongulore.

Ekal  holds the view that Turkana tourism and cultural festival is not a priority for the county residents.

“There are those saying that the festival was budgeted for but what I am asking is what became of the water budget. We need water not Tobongulore,” he said. “Where does that money go?” he posed.

The  Senator  further urged the county government to be proactive instead of reactionary when floods hit, lamenting that teachers’ recruitment did not favour locals.

Nanok  lashed out at the Senator, saying the event was the baby of the MoU between Kenya and Uganda in which the peace and development accord was signed between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Yoweri Museveni of Uganda.

The  Senator left the celebration before Nanok addressed the meeting.

It  was not lost to all present that Nanok personally asked where the Senator was when he stood to address the gathering.

“There are those who just visit the county. They need to stay here long enough to understand what the county government is doing for the residents,” Nanok said.

The senator competed against the governor in 2013 but lost. The duo would later united under ODM in 2017.

By  Peter  Gitonga

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