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Agriculture Spurs the Big Four in Migori  

Agriculture sector in Migori has received a major boost from both County Government and National Government as step of ensuring food security.

Migori County is endowed with fertile soil and plenty of rain through the year. Nyatike Sub County which is partly semi-arid has full potential for irrigation farming with water piped from Lake Victoria.

When the country voted in the first County Governments in 2013, Governor Zachary Obado consistently supported the agricultural sector mainly on food security.

In his first term, Obado supplied farmers with free tissue banana seedlings with clear vision of boosting food security and adding value chain.

Tissue banana farming has significantly improved which has seen locally produced bananas dominating the market.

Furthermore, Governor Obado has worked with Uasin Gishu County in improving dairy breeds in Migori County. The aim was to increase local milk production. Migori heavily rely on milk supplied from other counties, a situation that is drastically changing.

Apart from banana and milk production, the County Government of Migori together with National Government is changing the sweet potato farming in Kuria and Migori at large. The building of Sweet Potato Processing Plant at Getonganya, Kuria West will increase value chain hence better lifestyles of the farmers.

However, more discussions should be convened on how to strengthen sugar cane farming which has remained county’s main cash crop for years. Other cash crops that need attention but do well in Migori include Maize, Coffee, Tea, Tobacco and Rice.

Traditional Crops farming of Sorghum, Millet and Cassava is dwindling. But crop officials from the County Government have stepped up campaigns on how to improve production of these crops.

It’s important to note that the Completion of Fish Processing Plant at Opapo border of Migori and Homa Bay Counties was meant to boost fish production within the two counties.

On his part, Migori County Government Chief Executive Member in charge of Agriculture Valentine Ogongo says local consumption of fish has increased and may not leave much to be processed.

The CEC reveals that his department is discouraging poor fishing methods at Lake Victoria while promoting fish farming as a step to increase fish supply for processing at the plant.

Close working relationship between the County Government of Migori and National Government has improved farming in the county despite the challenges of unforeseen weather conditions, inadequate funds and failure of some farmers to adopt new farming methods.

During the launch of National Government Midterm Plan in Migori County last year, Governor Obado vowed to work closely with National Government to deliver Big Four of Agriculture, Food Security, Affordable Housing and Manufacturing which forms part of his plan.

By Geoffrey Satia



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