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Agripreneurs conclude training on farmer profiling,registration

Newly recruited agripreneurs concluded a three-day training on farmer profiling and are set to start a farmer registration exercise from September 6th to September 30th.

The county government had advertised 582 vacant positions for the agripreneurs in Murang’a south sub-county, with 13 being selected from Kambiti ward, 19 from Makuyu ward, 14 from Kamahuha ward, and 20 from Kimorori, while Ichagaki and Nginda wards will each have 13 agripreneurs in charge of the farmer profiling.

The agripreneurs will be paid Sh2000 each for every day worked for the 30-day farmer registration exercise.

While addressing the participants in Makuyu Murang’a South Sub County, the County Director of Agriculture, Mr. Peter Muciri, observed that the recruited agricultural value chain actors include supervisors and agripreneurs mandated to profile all farmers across the county.

“We are aiming at collecting and keeping a database for authentic, credible, and comprehensive data for all the farmers in the county, their households, the number of livestock they are keeping, and the number and type of crops they are growing,” he said.

“The outcome is to have authentic data for all the agricultural parameters, and the information or data will ultimately guide the government in decision-making,” added Muciri.

Moreover, the county has also recruited ward supervisors, assistant supervisors, and senior supervisors who will be in charge of the backstop ward supervisors during the baseline routine data collection.

The director further noted that the exercise that is being replicated throughout the county will not only mitigate unemployment as it has provided jobs to hundreds of youths, but the subsequent follow-up even after the profiling window is closed will ensure that the youth get involved in agriculture, which is currently viewed as a preserve for the older generation.

By Florence Kinyua

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