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Ahadi  Trust  Kenya  boss calls for peace

Ahadi  Trust  Kenya  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Stanley  Kamau has challenged Kenyan politicians to dedicate their  efforts  towards  building a peaceful country.

Kamau  lamented  that  tribal politics that result into violence after every election cycle has had a negative impact on the  country, as no development takes place during such periods.

He   was  speaking  at  Ligega in Siaya County  where he donated a Motorcycle ambulance, dubbed “Ambulance Mashinani,” to  the  local health centre and 10 water  tanks to schools in Ugunja and Ugenya sub counties. The donations, he said, were courtesy  of  the Lotto Foundation.

Kamau  said  that  the  distribution of the tanks and the ambulance were supposed to have taken place earlier but due to  a  hostile political environment, they had to delay it.

“We  have a lot of projects in this region that we were unable to undertake previously due to negative politics but today  we are here and can move about freely without hindrance,” he said.

He  urged Kenyans to jealously guard the peace they enjoy and shun anybody who undermines it.

Addressing  the  occasion, Siaya Governor’s wife, Mrs. Rosela  Rasanga decried the high teenage pregnancies in the  county.

Rasanga  said  Siaya  was leading in the country in terms of teenage pregnancies and challenged local elders, opinion and religious leaders to address the issue.

“Teenage  pregnancies in Siaya have reached an alarming level and action must be taken to stop this,” she said
lamenting that  children as young as 10 years were giving birth in the county.

She  said  disco matanga and illicit liquor was to blame for the vice and called for concerted efforts to address the

By  Philip  Onyango

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