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Ajira Digital Programme empowers Nambale youth

Ajira Digital continues to inspire youths from Nambale constituency through computer and digital literacy in efforts to fulfill its mandate of making Kenya a freelancing hub by 2025 and a digital out-sourcing hub by 2030.

For the last three months, over 1000 youths from the constituency have been equipped with computer packages skills and now they are receiving training in online marketing, content creation and data entry skills.

Speaking to KNA at Nambale constituency office, the program manager at the sub county Doreen Simiyu Okweno noted that the program targets to address unemployment among youths during this long holiday by equipping them with relevant skills that will help them earn a living.

“Youths have all it takes to change their lives, the major challenge they have is lack of adequate skill and technical knowhow. The program gives wings to youths to use the power of social media and the internet to gain their economic independence,” said Simiyu.

Simiyu added that they operate mobile partnering with schools and churches to reach out to youths, a move that has helped her reach out to more youths from Nambale constituency.

“Our programs are absolutely free, we partner with churches and schools to help reach out and train more youths with computer skills. We take three days for training and five days mentorship and a time to connect them with opportunities based on their aggressiveness,” she added.

The Ajira Digital Program is a government initiative driven by the Ministry of Information, Communications and the Digital Economy to empower over one million young people to access digital job opportunities.

The program seeks to position Kenya as a choice labour destination for multinational companies as well as encourage local companies and the public sector to create digital work. The government digitization projects already create lots of viable micro work that can be completed by digital workers.

She said access to digital work will build wealth and grow the middle class across the country. A larger middle class means more opportunities for businesses and direct growth of GDP. “The main objectives are to raise the profile of digital work; promote a mentorship and collaborative learning approach to finding digital work,” noted Simiyu.

Joy Shamma who is among the pioneers of the programs in Nambale narrates how Ajira training has helped her become a content creator online thus putting food on her table after college.

“After acquiring Ajira training, I learned how to use social media promptly to change my life. I no longer waste my time online chatting but generating a few coins for myself,” said Shamma.

Rehema Wafula, Rajab Mumayi and Maurice Baraza are among secondary school students who have joined the program to benefit from free computer skills. They urge parents to allow students just rooming in town to join the program in order to utilize their time.

“We thank the government for this program, we used to pay up to 5000 to get basic computer skills, but through Ajira Digital Program the service is free and of good quality,” said Wafula.

The sentiments were echoed by Evans Obania, a student at Eldoret National Polytechnic who lauded the government for its effort in ensuring youths get computer skills and have digital knowhow.

“Digitising businesses has created opportunities for young people to work as companies outsource services such as data entry, online marketing, logistics, web-design, social media management and other ICT related services,” said Obania.

By Absalom Namwalo

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