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AJS resolves land ownership dispute in Kanamkemer

A long-standing land ownership dispute that pitted two families against each other in Kanamkemer has finally been resolved through the recently launched Alternative Justice System (AJS).

The AJS, chaired by Sheikh Yusuf Aremon, delivered its verdict at the County Lands Headquarters after successfully reviewing documents and hearing the claims from each party.

The ruling has been hailed as a milestone and a significant step, as it serves as a reference for future cases.

Speaking on the matter, County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Lands, Peter Akono, emphasised that his department is collaborating with the County Attorney’s Office and relevant entities of the National Government to ensure Turkana has a fully functional AJS infrastructure.

He reiterated the county’s commitment to reducing and ultimately eliminating land ownership-related disputes through a rigorous document vetting process and the utilisation of the available infrastructure.

Highlighting the legal standing of the AJS, the CECM called upon the public to support the Aremon-led outfit by providing vital information that may aid in the execution of their mandate.

In a spirit of reconciliation, both parties involved in the dispute accepted the verdict and pledged to continue living in peace, demonstrating good neighbourliness and respect for the law.

The landmark resolution comes just one month after the County Attorney’s office spearheaded the formation of the AJS entity in Turkana.

The visit by Kenya’s Chief Justice Martha Koome last month on August 30 to launch e-filing and inaugurate the Alternative Justice System underlined the importance of the alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in Turkana.

By Peter Gitonga

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