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Duale opposes a woman taking the seat of a Chief Kadhi

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has strongly opposed a suggestion that the seat of a chief Kadhi can be occupied by a woman

The former national assembly majority leader faulted the current Chief Kadhi Sheikh Muhdhar who welcomed the idea with the argument that anyone who studied Sharia law can be Kadhi irrespective of gender.

Duale noted that Islam as a religion has placed women in high esteem with clearly defined roles by each gender adding that the function of Kadhi is not a woman’s role.

“We will not accept women Kadhi. It is not found anywhere in the Holy Quran or the teaching of the Prophet,” Duale said.

“Islam has a special place for women. We have been taught the roles they can perform and roles they cannot perform,” he added.

The remarks come just days after some women activists initiated the debate with calls to have women Kadhis in the country.

They claimed the appointment of Chief Justice Martha Koome has emboldened their resolve to go for the position of the Chief Kadhi.

The activists said women scholars are needed at the helm of Kadhi’s court to handle marital and other challenges.

However, Duale said Martha Koome is Chief Justice in a secular judicial system and Muslims should be left to decide on their fate.

He said Muslims voted for the 2010 constitution for two reasons, the Kadhi’s court and devolution.

“We wanted to run our affairs when it comes to marriage, divorce and inheritance in accordance with the Holy Quran and teaching of the prophet. Just because Martha Koome is Chief Justice, we will not allow women Kadhis,” he said.

Duale was speaking Saturday at North Eastern National polytechnic where he issued CDF kitty bursaries worth Sh1.12 million to students from poor family backgrounds in his constituency.

On the FGM debate, Duale said he will only listen to Muslim scholars.

There have been activists who were boldly against religious leaders over the FGM arguing that all forms of genital mutilation is illegal.

“We will not listen to what the NGOs will tell us neither the government nor even the western countries. We will follow key religious leaders on the issue,” he said.

By Jacob Songok

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