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Albinos to be included on matters climate change

While marking International Albinism awareness day, Albinos in Machakos requested to be involved in matters concerning climate change since it affects their skin.

Speaking to the media at the Machakos School for the physically disabled, Allan Albert from a youth led organization known as Black Albinism, said that albinos are affected by climate change as they can easily get skin cancer.

“With albinos the lack of melanin and pigmentation means the Ultra violet (UV) rays can easily penetrate the skin and cause skin cancer,” said Allan.

“We want to show the world that we are part of conversations involving climate change, everybody feels the effect of climate change and we want to add our voices as people with albinism,” reiterated Allan.

Allan said their organization Black Albinism is conducting an advocacy on the level of knowledge that persons with albinism and the other people with disability have about climate change and to raise awareness on how they can deal with the changing weather patterns.

“We decided to come to Machakos special school because People with Disabilities (PWD) and those with albinism have been left out of climate change advocacy and we want them to be included,” pointed Allen.

He appealed for leaders, teachers and parents to be more outspoken concerning albinism and also urged County leaders to allocate them more representation.

On her part Jeritah Mutindah who is the head representative for Albinos in Machakos, urged Machakos residents and especially PWDs to continue planting trees so that they can protect their skin from UV light that causes skin cancer.

Jeritah urged fellow albinos, parents and other PWDs to come out in droves and get involved in various activities that will secure their future instead of hiding and engaging in self-pity.

“Having a disability should not stop you from achieving your dreams and parents should stop hiding their special needs children but include them in matters that concern them,” added Jeritah.

The International Albinism awareness day is celebrated every year on June 13th to voice the rights of people born with albinism and to increase awareness and understanding of the genetic condition.

This year’s theme “Inclusion is strength” emphasizes the importance of inclusion of a diversity of groups from both within and outside the albinism community.

By Anne Kangero

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