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Public health officials intensify surveillance over cholera outbreak 

Meru County has intensified crackdown on food hawkers to prevent the spread of cholera which has been reported in the county.

Acting Health Executive Isaac Mutuma, who is also the deputy governor, said 14 people were suspected to have been infected but only five cases turned positive after tests.

He said health officials had enhanced surveillance following   the outbreak of the disease to avert spread.

Mutuma warned that his team will move day and night to ensure that cooked food   is not sold in   streets of Meru county.

“Food hawking is illegal and due to the cholera outbreak, we will increase crackdown on anyone selling food in unsanitary conditions. We are also calling on all eateries to maintain cleanliness,” Mr. Mutuma said.

Mutuma warned that the public health officials will close down all eateries that do not observe high hygiene standards.

He noted that many   food vendors usually conduct their businesses mostly at nights, however he warned that his officers will catch up with them.

Mutuma reiterated that public health officers were also inspecting restaurants and eateries to ensure hygiene compliance.

“We urge all eateries to ensure high hygiene standards because we do not enjoy shutting down businesses. Water projects should ensure their reservoirs are treated,” Mr. Mutuma said.

Mutuma pointed out that so far the situation is under control however the residents need to increase their vigilance.

“Currently, the situation is under control but we need to increase our vigilance,” the executive said.

Acting Health Chief Officer Joseph Wahome said the health department had started public sensitization and cleaning of towns to contain the contagious disease.

He called on residents to observe   high   hygiene standards such as washing of hands and proper use of sanitation

By Muguongo Judy



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