Apply for funds to empower yourself economically, residents urged

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Women, Youth and Persons with Disability in Kajiado County have been urged to form and register groups so as to benefit from national government funds.

Kajiado County Officer in-charge of Gender Department, Catherine Mutinda revealed that many residents have not benefited from the funds as they apply for the money individually as opposed to registered groups.

Mutinda revealed that the government has set aside funds that specifically target Women, Youth and PWDs and they should take advantage to economically improve themselves.

She noted that several programs such as Uwezo fund, Women Enterprise Fund, National Government Affirmative Action Fund (NGAAF) and Youth Enterprise Development Funds among others had been rolled out to enable them start new enterprises or boost their existing ones.

Addressing a women’s empowerment forum in Kajiado town, the officer noted that many women have continued to languish in poverty as they are not aware of the existence of the funds which they could use to empower themselves economically.

She added that with the funds, they could start up small-scale businesses such as bead work, poultry keeping, soap making among others.

“We have national government funds set aside to enable Women, Youth and PLWD to empower themselves economically by boosting their businesses or setting up new enterprises. One can access these funds by joining and registering groups,” said Mutinda.

The officer noted that women were the pillars of the society and an empowered woman is able to influence positive change in the community.

Mutinda noted that lack of economic empowerment among women contributes to the increase in harmful cultural practices such as Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and early marriages.

“When the women are empowered, harmful cultural practices such as FGM will also reduce as circumcisers will have an alternative income generating activity. Parents will also stop marrying off their daughters early in exchange for livestock,” she remarked.

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