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Authority in charge of revenue inaugurated

Embu Governor Martin Wambora, Tuesday inaugurated an authority that will be in charge of revenue collection in the County.
Embu County Revenue Authority (ECRA) with membership of five comprise members from the four sub counties in the area.
While inaugurating the authority , Governor Wambora said that ECRA is expected to raise revenue collection which is currently at Sh 437 million to over Sh 650 million by the end of 2019.
“The authority has full mandate which is anchored in County Government Act to collect revenue for the county,” noted Wambora.
He further said the authority will from now look into enhancing collection of revenue by looking into avenues such as rates, sand harvesting, weigh bridges, billboards among others so as to widen revenue collection base.
“The authority is autonomous and the county government will not interfere with its operations but only offer directions where it is called to,” observed Wambora.
He said ECRA has drawn membership from private sector and hence the authority will also be able to tap revenue from private sector.
“To facilitate the working of the ECRA the county government will employ a new head of law enforcement and a deputy whose role will compliment that of the authority,” he added.
The governor cited lack of professionalism in the revenue collection system as the main challenge adding that with the inauguration of the authority the system will be streamlined and areas where the county has been losing revenue tightened.
He challenged the authority which is under a contract to carry out its duty without fear or favour and not to tolerate any element of corruption.
Governor Wambora said the county is under performing in revenue collection adding that the target of the county government is to collect over Sh 900 million.
By Kimani Tirus

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