Avoidance of handshaking helps contain spread of communicable diseases

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Halt of greetings by handshaking and frequent hands washing has reduced the spread of communicable diseases by about 60 percent within Murang’a County.

The County Executive Member for Health and Sanitation, Joseph Mbai observed that public health facilities have recorded few cases of communicable diseases since March of this year after the government enforced directive on frequent washing of hands as measure to combat the spread of covid-19.

He noted that children have benefited greatly as they were not getting ill of communicable disease like diarrhea and colds as it was the case in past years.

Speaking to KNA from his office on Wednesday, Mbai said that communicable diseases were largely distributed through physical interactions like shaking of hands and hugs among other forms of interactions.

The CEC observed that the high level of hygiene exhibited by residents in the county by frequent washing of hands has saved many from contracting the diseases saying the trend should continue even in the post coronavirus era.

He said very few communicable related cases have been seeking treatment in county’s public health facilities.

“Covid-19 despite being a dangerous disease, it has taught people a good lesson of maintaining hygiene. The trend of washing of hands and avoidance of handshaking should continue to save people from contracting communicable diseases,” noted Mbai.

Meanwhile, Mbai said people should follow the given health guidelines to help curb the spread of Covid 19 saying cases of stigmatization of those who have been cured from the diseases were increasing.

Mbai said the government’s move to have home based care of covid-19 patients should be taken positively and residents needed to support those with the diseases so as to get healed within a short period.

“In Murang’a, we have four cases of covid-19. Three of the patients don’t show symptoms of coronavirus but one has exhibited the symptoms. All the patients are well being managed and residents should not live in fear,” he added.

He further said that the county has already attained the required number of beds by the government to handle cases of coronavirus.

“We have more than 300 isolation beds to handle any increase in cases of Covid 19. The county also has an Intensive care unit (ICU) with 35 beds,” Mbai stated.

By  Bernard Munyao

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