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Bamburi Cement introduces new product in building technology

Bamburi Cement has announced its entry into the specialized mortar sector by launching a ready-to-use tile adhesive by the brand name ‘Bamburi TectorCeram SETI 300’ into the Kenyan market.

Bamburi Cement’s Managing Director Seddiq Hassani said they were delighted to tap into the growing demand for specialty mortar products such as tile adhesives.

“As a champion for innovation in construction, Bamburi Cement is well positioned to develop and present yet another construction solution to resolve challenges in the tiling sector. The diversification of our product portfolio allows us to further differentiate, grow in new segments and enhance value for our customers and stakeholders,” he stated.

“I am proud of this initiative because it eases the process of tiling in construction projects. Bamburi TectorCeram SETI 300 is the ultimate choice as it has a very neat and strong finish, it is environmental and consumer friendly and significantly reduces the potential cost of repairs and wasted time,” Hassani added.

Bamburi Cement’s Head of Innovation and Technical Services, Fidelis Sakwa said the introduction of the new product into the market was in response to consumer needs and aligned to global construction trends in modern tiling which required more specialized tile adhesive solutions.

“Innovation is a key lever in the company’s ‘Building for Growth’ strategy, and today’s milestone is a result of continuous investment in research and development coupled with paying close attention to our customer’s needs,” said Sakwa.

He further stated that the launch of Bamburi SETI 300 is a direct response to insights from the market with shifting trends in tiling in residential houses, shopping complexes, offices, restaurants, hospitals, educational institutions, hotels, among others.

“The challenges experienced by builders and contractors alike have clearly demonstrated that the right tiling adhesive will satisfy the needs of our customers,” he added.

Bamburi Cement’s Sales Director Kanyi Gitonga said one of the challenges in the building industry today was the prevalence of popping out, cracking and falling of tiles.

“Through the support of the Holcim Group research center in France in conjunction with our Bamburi team, we have specially formulated Bamburi SETI 300 to address this. Made from largely locally available materials, SETI 300 is an excellent example of Kenyan manufactured solutions,” he said.

Bamburi TectorCeram SETI 300 was designed for placement of porous tiles including ceramic, terracotta, earthenware and natural stone tiles. The adhesive is a cementitious mortar product produced from carefully sourced raw materials, including chemical admixtures, Bamburi cement and sand.

By Hamdi Mohamud

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