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Ban plastic water bottles from all the hotels in Nakuru

David Mwangi, the Chairman of the Nakuru Tourism Association on Tuesday March 3, 2020. Photo by KNA.

The  Nakuru Tourism  Association has embarked on a novel plan of banning plastic water bottles from all the hotels, National parks, recreational areas and eventually the entire county.

The  Chairman, David Mwangi said the increased number of domestic tourists in the county has translated into increased plastic water bottles and there was an urgent need to conserve the environment by banning them.

He  was speaking  on Tuesday during an interview with KNA at his office in Nakuru Town.

He said due to its advantageous central geographical location, the county has become the first choice of domestic tourists and they are extremely excited by the increased numbers, which has led to increased construction of hotels.

However, the association is doing their best to conserve the environment in order to retain the increased numbers. He said they were aware, more than ever before, that if the climate change was not addressed, it will continue to undermine sustainable development goals and economic stability.

Mwangi said that the famous Hell’s Gate Park which attracts climbers and cyclists has borne the effects of plastic water bottles and they have decided to install drinking water points to discourage the tourists from burdening themselves with carrying drinking water.

He  added that they have partnered with the fishmongers and farmers who live along the riparian land of Lake Naivasha to clean it up and instill in them the importance of conserving the lake for their own survival.

“The local communities are the kingpins of environmental conservation and when they are not involved all the other efforts are reduced to nothing,” he stated.

He  urged the domestic tourists to be at the forefront in conserving the environment as an indication of appreciation of the wonderful tourists’ sites which the county has to offer.

By  Veronica  Bosibori

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