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Baragoi residents urged to coexist peacefully

Pastoral communities living in Baragoi, Samburu North Sub-County have been urged to live in peace even when faced with dwindling water and pasture as a result of the ongoing drought.

Speaking during a series of separate peace meetings with Samburu and Turkana morans in Baragoi, Samburu Governor Lati Lelelit called for peaceful coexistence between the two communities and urged them to share grazing fields and watering points without conflict.

“I am aware that due to the ongoing drought you are currently grazing in the same fields and sharing water points, I urge you not to fight each other,” he said.

The governor added that in two weeks’ time he will convene a mega peace meeting led by elders from both the Turkana and Samburu communities to jointly speak to morans and find a lasting solution for peace in the volatile region.

He said that his administration will establish a county peace department and a county peace committee which will be responsible for bringing peace and cohesion among communities living in Samburu.

“Peace is not a one-day event but it is a process and to achieve lasting peace, I will set up a multi ethnic ranger’s camp which will help curb the cattle rustling menace,” he said.

John Lemeteki a Samburu Moran welcomed the peace initiative saying that the perpetual armed conflict in Samburu North has led to the death of many young morans.

“We have often been ready to die for our livestock either from protecting them from being stolen or restocking our herds by raiding the neighboring community. This must end because we don’t want to live this way,” he said.

Samburu North Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) Jackson Oloo, commended the political leaders in Samburu County for spearheading peace efforts adding that the national government is committed to maintaining peace and cohesion between communities.

Oloo added that relief food from the national government will be distributed to residents affected by the ongoing drought once it gets to Baragoi.

During the peace meetings the governor was with Samburu political leaders including Samburu senator Steve Lelegwe, Samburu woman representative Pauline Lenguris, Samburu north MP Eli Letipila and Nachola ward MCA Lawrence Lornye.

By Robert Githu



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