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Baringo MCA Backs Plans to Unlock Stalemate at the Senate

The senate leadership has been lauded for forming a sub-committee to unlock the current stalemate surrounding the third generation revenue allocation formula for counties.

The MCA for Bartabwa ward in Baringo county Reuben Chepsongol said by taking the initiative, Senate has demonstrated good leadership that would enhance cohesiveness among citizens.

Chepsongol who is the county assembly majority chief whip said the Senate should devise a better alternative that ensures that counties get the same revenue and avoid a scenario where some regions will lose billions of shillings while others receive more.

Speaking to the press in Kabarnet town today, the MCA said, “We should not be talking of winners and losers yet we are all Kenyans paying taxes irrespective of which region one hails from.”

“A county like Baringo that gets Sh 6 billion should get the same amount as passed by the county assembly so that our people continue enjoying same pace of development and services. If we say the money be reduced as stated by the formula developed by the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) yet poverty level is high, we shall not have done justice to the people of the county,” emphasized Chepsongol.

He called on the technical committee chaired by deputy speaker Prof Margaret Kamar to explore ways of ensuring that the bill that has failed for a record seven time is resolved to enable counties to start accessing funds.

“CRA new policy formula should not be applied for now until that time when the national government will have released more resources to the counties. The new formula if adopted as some senators advocate, certain regions like North Eastern and Coast will feel betrayed since they will lose billions of money yet they are already behind in terms of development,” noted Chepsongol.

On retirement pension to former members of parliament, the MCA commended the national assembly for passing the 2019 Parliamentary Pension (Amendment) Bill that compels the government to pay the formers lawmakers enhanced pensions.

“The National assembly did a good thing to pass the bill as it makes sure our former legislators lead better lives unlike now where majority of them have to camp around parliament to beg for handout from current MPs,” observed the Bartabwa MCA.

He added that Senate should also pass the bill before it concerning former councilors to enable them start receiving pension regretting that a majority of them lived in abject poverty.

By Joshua Kibet


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