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Beggars in town to be arrested

The  Meru  Governor Kiraitu  Murungi  has ordered for the arrest of beggars in Meru town and people who bring them.

Murungi  complained of the many beggars within the town and accused some dubious people of enriching themselves by misusing them.

He  however, urged the beggars, majority of whom are people living with disabilities to enroll with the newly launched Sacco that the said aimed  at  making them self-reliant.

“All   the  people who bring in beggars to the streets should be arrested together with the beggars. I encourage them to instead join the PWD Sacco to benefit from skills training and financial support,” Murungi said.

He  revealed that that some tenders will be advertised separately for people living with disabilities to avoid cases of exploitation.

Speaking  at  the county headquarters during the official launch of the Sacco yesterday, the governor stated that Sh.15 million has been set  aside  to jumpstart the PWD Sacco where Sh.10million will be saved in the Sacco and the remainder used to train the members in different fields. The Sacco has 1,700 members.

The  PWDs showcased different merchandise such as shoes, school uniforms, handbags and bangles among other things that they produce.

“We  are  ready  to  work day and night to ensure that the rights of the people with disabilities are respected,” said the Sacco  Chairman,  Mike  Makarina.

Makarina  noted that for a long period PWDs have been sidelined with the society looking at them with contempt.

“I  call  upon all people with disabilities to join the Sacco so that we can drive development agenda together as a team since we have great potential  amongst us,” he added.

The  Deputy Governor, Titus  Ntuchiu urged the five-member Sacco board to come up with strategies and a plan for all PWDs in the county.

Ntuchiu  reiterated  that the County government will conduct a baseline survey during the coming census to establish the number of people with  disabilities to plan for their wellbeing better.

By  Jackson  Nthuuku/Richard  Muhambe

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