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Birik instructs chiefs to get rid of cartels

The NE RC, Mohamed Birik addressing Chiefs and their Assistants at Government Guest House on Tuesday July 23, 2019. Photo by KNA.

The  North Eastern Regional Commissioner (RC), Mohamed Birik has instructed chiefs and their assistants in Garissa County to get rid of cartels involved in illegal issuance of ID cards, birth certificates, and permit movement for refugees among other illicit businesses in their areas of jurisdiction.

Birik  singled out Garissa, Ijara, Hulugho, Fafi, Lagdera and Dadaab sub-counties where the cartels have literary taken over and taking advantage of vulnerable and unsuspecting citizens to fleece them of their hard earned money with the promise of assisting them acquire the national documents.

Addressing  Chiefs and their Assistants drawn from the county at the Government  Guest House in Garissa town on Tuesday, Birik  said that chiefs being an integral part in matters of security should be in the forefront in eradicating all illegal activities within their areas.

He  said that the cartels are also involved in aiding aliens, entry of contraband goods besides being sympathizers of Al-Shabaab operatives.

The  RC  said that the era where the chiefs used to draw salary without qualifying the same is long gone.

“You  are under strict scrutiny and you must deliver knowing that you are the government ‘s eyes on the ground. The tendency of being there for the sake of it will no longer be tolerated,” Birik said.

He  urged the administrators to work closely with national police service in matters of security if they want to succeed.

The  RC however, warned the chiefs that they will be personally held responsible for any illegal activities in their respective areas.

Birik  also noted with concern the increasing number of elderly people some as old as 70 who are seeking ID cards for the first time.

“Where have these people been all these years. Chiefs should thoroughly scrutinise the background of these people and report them to investigating arms,” he said.

By  Jacob  Songok

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