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Boda boda riders in Kajiado receive face masks

At least 2000 boda boda riders in Kajiado Central have received free face masks for protection against the fast spreading novel Covid-19 virus.

Kajiado Central Assistant County Commissioner Fidelis Babu, while issuing the masks noted that the government has rolled out clear programmes to ensure that all Kenyans are protected from the disease.
Babu said the riders ferry many people on a daily basis and thus were given first priority in the issuance of the masks.
“We have now circulated 2000 face masks among boda boda riders for protection against coronavirus. The riders due to the nature of their work come into contact with many people therefore it is important that they protect themselves and their customers to curb the spread of the virus,” said Babu.
Babu cautioned the boda boda operators against failing to wear the masks saying by doing so they put the lives of many residents at risk of contracting the disease.
“To defeat Covid-19, it is our collective duty as a nation to carry ourselves in a manner that does not put us at risk and those that we cherish, therefore at all times we are expected to wear masks in public places, wash hands with soap regularly and avoid touching our faces,” he said.
The ACC urged the riders to ensure they maintain high standards of hygiene by washing the reusable masks daily as well as washing their hands with soap and running water frequently.
He further urged them to maintain social distancing even as they queue to wait for customers, maintain order and adhere to the government curfew or risk being taken to quarantine.
The riders have welcomed the move stating that the government should do more in combating the disease since infections have now penetrated up to the villages.
“This is a good move, since I can replace them often and maintain the intended hygiene for myself and my customers however the government should now focus on ensuring that the local hospitals are equipped to handle the cases especially now that the government is rolling out mass testing,” Peter Makau one of the riders said.
Similarly, prisoners at the Kitengela GK prison received 3,000 free re-usable face masks, soap and hand washing facilities from Migori Garments.
By Rop Janet and Albert Lemomo

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