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Prisons to produce reusable face masks

Kenya prison is in the process of producing 500,000 reusable face masks to be distributed to inmates countrywide. in an efforts to combat Corona virus in prisons.

While visiting Kapenguria Prison in West Pokot County on Tuesday, the Kenya Prison Commissioner General (CG), Wycliffe Ogallo said prisons in the country are well prepared in the fight against the pandemic.

“Covid 19 is a pandemic that should be fought by everyone. We are targeting to produce 500,000 masks to be distributed to the inmates and the prison staff and their families.” Said Ogallo.

He added that the department has installed Hand washing soaps and other detergents in all the prisons to help fight the virus, saying all inmates have been sensitised on corona virus.

‘My visit is to find out on how the prisons have been prepared to fight covid 19 and see how betty offenders can be set free to ease congestion in our prison. Our prison accommodate 47,000 inmates.’, he said

He added that the regulation and protocol put by the ministry of health should be adhered to, and the department of prison must observe them seriously.

The CG  noted that the government has given alot of support to the prison department in managing the virus hence alluded the ministry of health for commendable work.

He  pointed out a large number of prisoners as the main challenge facing the department and space need to be created to allow social distance among the inmates.

“We are handling covid 19 as a dynamic and ensuring nothing is left to chance. All inmates have their constitutional rights. The lives of all inmates must be well protected and we are doing all the possible to ensure that all are achieved”, he said.

Ogallo  added that accommodating of prisons officers is well taken care of by the government of Kenya and by August this year he will be commissioning new staff houses at Kapenguria prisons.

Kapenguria prison has 274 inmates of which no case of Corona virus has been recorded at the facility.

By  John  Saina

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