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Bodaboda unveil plan to clean-up sector

Bodaboda associations operating in Isiolo town have laid down measures to curb theft of motorbikes and root out criminals from the sector as they protect their image in the public eye.

The associations’ county chairman Mr. Moses Miriti said that all members will be provided with stickers bearing specific colours for designated areas of operation to differentiate routes and zones.

“The stickers will be distributed to all registered bodaboda operators to enable their identification and areas of operation be known to the public,” he said.

Mr. Miriti said the move will ease tracing a motorbike and its operating zone which will help to manage information concerning it and also the whereabouts of the owners.

The move is meant to reduce crimes that are associated with the bodaboda riders in the County and different locations of the town.

Speaking during the opening of the association’s office, an Assistant County Commissioner in Central division, Mr. Edwin Kuria, said that the initiative will help in streamlining the sector as it will aid identification of lawbreakers.

He also called upon residents to ensure they use services from known operators who belong to their area as marked by the different stickers instead of using services from unknown individuals.

The association’s secretary Mr. Mohamud Ahmed said it would take time to get used to the categorization of the riders but added it will be essential in the day to day operations of the sector in Isiolo.

Mr. Ahmed called on elected leaders in the county and national levels to support the efforts of the association in order to improve the welfare of the operators and service delivery.

By David Nduro

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