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Bodaboda operators celebrate results of colleague’s daughter

Bodaboda operators from Moding Estate in Teso North Sub-County in Busia, took to the streets to celebrate the results of their colleague’s daughter, who scored an A- in the recently released Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams.

The 17-year-old Iyesa Neema Aidika, has made the operators proud, acting as a role model to most bodabodas who have now vowed to embrace education for the girl child.

Speaking to the press, Iyesa who schooled at Kolanya Girls Secondary, attributed her success to hard work, self-confidence, and guidance from her teachers.

She aspires to join Mount Kenya University to study a Bachelor of medicine and later on come back and utilize her skills to change her community and the country at large.

“I want to thank God for enabling me to attain A- grade in KCSE results. It was through hard work, self-confidence and guidance from my teachers, that helped me to attain this grade,” she said.

Levi Omusogo, the girls’ father, urged parents and more so bodaboda operators to invest in education, as it was the only way of transforming the society.

“Let us take our kids to school, it’s only through education that we will be able to mitigate poverty in this Moding area,” said Omusogo.

He urged parents to motivate teachers by paying school fees on time if they want good results.

“If we want good results, let us work closely with teachers. We must support teachers to enable our children to get desired results,” he added.

The same sentiments were echoed by Washington Elungata and Makokha Daniel, while urging all operators that it was time to shun drug abuse and invest in the education of their children for a brighter future.

“As bodaboda’s we must stop wasting time in chang’aa and polygamous life. It’s time we invest in education if we want to enjoy our future and better lives for our children,” said Elungata, Moding Stage Chairperson.

Bodaboda operators at the market have vowed to eradicate cases of teenage pregnancies, which have been associated with the sector for a long time.

“At Moding stage we are disciplined and we don’t encourage riders who take advantage of our school girls. This is why we always fight to protect our girls on the road from vultures,” said Makokha.

The ridders have applauded Iyesa for giving value for their sacrifice with such good results.

“As bodabodas we are happy for these results. It encourages us to invest more in education as we can see value for our sweat,” he added.

By Absalom Namwalo

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