Bodaboda riders ask County for promised licenses 


Bodaboda riders in Bomet have asked the County Government to issue them with licenses that they had been promised earlier.


Led by their chairman Dennis Langat, the riders said the County Government had promised them that it will pay for the licenses after going through sponsored driving training so that they would meet requirements to operate.


The promise was issued following the 2018 tightening of traffic rules by the National Transport and Licensing Board NTSA, following orders by Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i.


Langat said the issuance of the licenses has since delayed thus making the traffic police execute arbitrary arrests.


He said the police have constantly been on their necks and would not listen to their plea on the promised operating documents.


The riders are required to have the licenses among other necessities including two protective helmets, two reflective jackets and insurance.


NTSA also demands that the riders are to carry one pillion passenger at a time and are not allowed to carry baggage that blocks their rear view on the side mirrors.


There have been several bodaboda riders arrests in Bomet, a trend they view as exploitative and oppressing as they put all their hard earned cash into paying court fines.


At the same time, Langat asked the County Government to stop forcing them to have stickers payable at Sh 600 a month.


He said there was need for further consultation, in the spirit of public participation, so as to reach consensus on the amount of money as well as the modalities of paying the fees.


By Kipngeno Korir 





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