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Man jailed for 25 years for Killing His Lover

A man who was found guilty of killing a girlfriend by a Kitale court has been sentenced to 25 years in prison.

The court heard that Samson Kamau Njoroge murdered Alice Wangui Kamau and dumped her body in a borehole in his compound on the night of May 9 and 10, 2012 at Naisambu area to evade her demands for child upkeep.

On the fateful night, Mr. Kamau had attended a court case where the deceased wanted him to be compelled to take care of a son born in 2008 as a result of their secret relationship.

The deceased went missing on that night upon which she sent distress calls to her family indicating that she had been kidnapped and was being raped repeatedly prompting a search by police.

In her testimony, Wangui’s aunty Eunice Wairimu told the court that the deceased had sent her a text on her   phone saying she had been kidnapped and was being raped by the kidnapper who had tied her.

Mr. Kamau’s maid Veronica Njeri told the court that his employer did not spend the night at home on the fateful day only to arrive early in the morning upon which he sent her to the shop.

“When I came back I found him washing clothes which he never did in my two years stay at the homestead. He later washed his car and left for work without his vehicle as was his norm,” said Ms Njeri.

Njeri further told the court that police officers later came to the homestead in search of his employer and when she told the wife, she asked her to call the husband and inform her of the development.

“His wife and I later became curious when we realized the borehole at the compound had a new padlock. He was later arrested on the night only to come back with police in the morning where the body was retrieved from the borehole,” said Ms Njeri.

But in his defense, Kamau denied the killing of the girlfriend and told police that he could not spend at home because he was drunk and could not drive.

Justice Hillary Chemitei in his ruling however said circumstantial evidence tabled before court had linked Mr. Kamau to the murder of Wangui since the deceased’s body was retrieved in his compound’s borehole and his car had blood stains and slapped him with 25 years in prison.

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