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Twilight girls troop to Bomet as tea bonus payments approach

As has been the norm, twilight girls have flocked Bomet Town as payment of tea bonus fast approaches in October.

The girls, who are said to come from as far as Mombasa, are in to take advantage of careless farmers who would squander their tea bonus carelessly.

The women have booked lodging rooms in Bomet town, a scenario similar to other trading centres especially Silibwet, Mogogosiek, Kapkwen amongst others.

Bomet Central Police Commander Musa Imamai Omar has cautioned the local farmers against short lived bliss.

Omar warned farmers against carrying large amounts of money in cash saying they risked losing their hard earned cash not only to the women but also to marauding gangs.

In past incidents, tea farmers took time to have drinks and roasted goat meat in Bomet Town and its environs whenever tea bonus was paid.

The women are said to also take advantage of wheat harvesting season in Narok County between July and August.

The police boss told farmers to beware of the said risks saying the farmers should instead engage in other development activities instead of careless drinking and short lived merry at the expense of meeting family needs.
By Kipngeno Korir

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