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Bomet girl pleads with well-wishers to join school

It’s 20 minutes after one PM, typical African time when most homesteads are taking lunch, but for Maureen Chepngeno, a 16-year-old from Chepkosa village, within the outskirts of Bomet town is hopelessly basking in the afternoon scorching sun.

She is contemplating a lot of things in her mind, the afternoon meal might appear like a luxury to her in this case, and she fakes a feeble smile after noticing our presence in their rental house where she calls home.

Chepngeno an orphan did her KCPE this year from Bomet Township primary where she managed 135 marks.

With the 100 per cent transition agenda that is steered by the government and implemented by the Ministry of Education, she managed to secure a slot at Kabisoge Secondary School.

Her due date to report was on 2nd August, the admission letter on her hands indicates that if she fails to do so, she will forfeit her chance in the school.

Tears roll down her cheeks as she explains to us that she is helpless watching her dreams dimmed and shut down by the inability of her grandmother to afford basic school requirements and the school fees.

“I am an orphan, for the longest time I came to know myself, my grandmother is not in a position to afford even basic meals for a day for this family,” narrated Chepngeno in a weak voice.

“I received an offer to join form one that has made even things more unbearable, we are not in a position to afford school uniforms and the fees, one month is down now, all I am doing is staring at the letter,” added Chepngeno as she wiped her tears away.

Her admission letter indicates the annual school fees amounts to Sh. 10,000.

Sarah Keter, the grandmother can barely communicate in Swahili, with the aid of Chepngeno she informs us that she has two kids under her care, the little one is in class five.

The three resides in a shanty rental single room which according to Sara meeting the rent has been a problem, she has been surviving there on the mercies of her landlord.

“I have been living with these children of mine for almost 15 years now, I am old and jobless, I don’t have any source of income, all I am asking is for well-wishers to chip in and assist my granddaughter to achieve her dreams,” explained Sarah

We are forced to cut off on the interview for a while to calm Chepngeno who is weeping overwhelmingly, emotions are high and the interchange conversation between us has been disrupted for a while.

Despite scoring low marks below the average, the girl is optimistic to join a high school to further her studies and in the future salvage her family from the yoke of poverty.

Chepngeno informs KNA that her grandmother doesn’t own a phone, she believes that her plight will touch many and the only way she can be reached is through Pastor Koech.

Pastor Nicholas Koech of Pentecostal church of God-Bomet, where Ms Sara and her grandchildren worship joins us shortly as we were winding up the interview.

By Lamech Arisa

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