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Bomet Governor pledges to restore rural roads

Bomet Governor, Prof. Hillary Barchok, has today flagged off the construction of Mosombet Road in Boito Ward, Konoin Sub-county, a move that will create a connectivity network, open up rural villages, and facilitate the transportation of farm produce to markets.

Speaking on his road tour in Konoin Sub-county, Prof. Barchok said that his administration is committed to ensuring that it delivers a good road network across the county.

“The County Assembly and the Executive will be walking hand in hand to ensure that we have good roads around the county so as to have better infrastructure and realise faster development, as well as uplift the living standards of our people,” he said.

He said that a good road will not only be a good way to boost businesses, but also farmers will be able to move freely with ease in their daily routines to market, as well as access farm input.

“The people of Konoin are mostly farmers, so this programme is especially good for them because they are the ones who most frequently move to places while running their daily businesses,” Prof. Barchok stated.

Barchok’s administration recently commissioned multi-million road construction and maintenance equipment.

While commissioning the equipment, the governor stressed how to improve road connectivity and assured the residents of Bomet that there will be more road improvements to be witnessed across the county.

“We are now in a position to expand our road network with ease, due to the availability of these construction equipment,” Prof. Barchok said.

He added that it is the county’s target to ensure that in the next one year, Bomet County will have reconstructed every existing road in the county.

“In the next one year and a half or thereabout, we will have fully constructed all existing roads in the county, and then we shall now shift our focus to opening up new roads,” he said.

He, however, stressed that it is the work of every Member of Parliament and the County Assembly (MCAs) to focus on their sub-county and ensure they deliver their promises to the people.

“All MPs and MCAs should work together, so that we can achieve our goals and promises to Bomet residents; this way, all sub-counties, including our wards, will have good infrastructure,” he added.

By Lamech Willy and Eddah Mutai

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