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Boreholes in Nakuru to be repaired, equipped to alleviate Water Scarcity

The Nakuru County government is working towards alleviating the perennial water shortage both in the urban and rural areas in order to spur the growth of industries and agriculture.

Member of County Assembly (MCA) for Kihingo ward, in Njoro sub-county, Simon Kamau said his only plan has been to ensure that the boreholes at his ward are repaired and equipped to enable the residents to have easy access to water.

Today, it was jubilation for the Kihingo residents when the MCA arrived with equipment to service the three boreholes that have remained dormant for over 20 years, due to poor

Speaking at the ward, the MCA said over 3000 households will benefit from the overhauling and repairing of the three boreholes, adding that it would change the livelihoods of the residents.

He noted that the boreholes have remained dormant for far too long and the heavy siltation inside them requires specialized equipment and water engineers to revive them.

Mary Njoki the women leader at Kihingo joins other residents to receive the water servicing equipment

The MCA said that the water from the boreholes would be piped to homesteads to reduce the stress of the residents walking up and down to go and fetch it.

Kamau added that since Nakuru County has a significant agricultural sector, and water is essential for crop irrigation and livestock farming, the county assembly has made the provision of water their priority.

He said adequate water supply ensures increased agricultural productivity, leading to food security and economic growth. He stated that farmers in his ward rely on water for irrigation during the dry seasons, hence allowing them to cultivate crops throughout the year and maximize their yields.

The women leader for the ward, Mary Njoki said access to clean and safe drinking water is crucial for the health and wellbeing of the population. Plus, adequate water supply helps prevent waterborne diseases and ensures proper sanitation, and hygiene practices at homesteads.

By Veronica Bosibori

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