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Boy Shines in KCPE Despite Being a Street Urchin

Ibrahim Muchai Ndungu, a street urchin for two years, managed to score 368 marks at the Vine Garden Academy in Ngong, Kajiadio County in the just released Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) Exams results released yesterday.

Ndungu’s mother died while he was young and he had to be taken care of by his father alone. As fate would have it, his father got beaten up by a mob in Kiserian town and that left him paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair.

Life took a toll on the family and Ibrahim being the first born of his three siblings had to go to the streets to beg for food so that they could get something to eat.

“Life was hard and I had to beg in the streets of Ngong town, I did not know where else to get food for my paralyzed dad and siblings and so I resorted to begging,” Narrates Ndungu.

Life, however, got to a turning point in 2016 when he was begging. He met Edwin Namachanja Khapoya, who is a Children’s Officer who rescued him and took him to Global Hope Rescue Centre in Ngong.

“Since Ibrahim needed basic needs and parental love, we received him with love”. Says Joseph Njoroge, the Director of Global Hope Rescue Centre,

Ndungu was able to continue with his education at Ngong Town Primary School and was later sponsored from class six by Vine Garden Academy as part of a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that the school runs.

“We are grateful for the Vine Garden Academy scholarship as it is through the school that Ibrahim excelled in his exams.” Said Njoroge.

However, Njoroge appealed to well-wishers to sponsor his high school education so that he can achieve his dream of being a doctor.

“Ndungu is a focused and intelligent boy who does not let his past define his future and given the chance, am sure he will achieve his dream.” he said.

The Global Hope Centre had 14 boys who sat for the KCPE Examinations with the highest having 368 marks and the lowest managing 137 marks out of a possible 500.

He appealed to anyone who can help him in sponsoring Ndungu and the rest of the boys through High School to reach him on 0724785023.

By Diana Meneto

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