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Brace yourselves for cold weather, Murang’a residents told

Murang’a County will experience extreme cold weather for about three months, the County Meteorological Director (CMD), Paul Murage has said.

He observed that temperatures for many parts of the county will be quite low especially in July and residents should come up with ways to protect themselves from cold.

The cold weather which started in June, Murage noted, will continue up to the better part of August.

Addressing a press conference on Tuesday, Murage noted that for the past three months, the county received heavy rains saying most of the stations recorded above 100 percent rainfall.

Low temperatures, the CMD said, may pose challenges in the treatment of respiratory diseases and thus residents are advised to keep warm while in and out of houses.

“The residents should have ways of warming their houses but it is not advised to use charcoal as jikos produce carbon monoxide which is dangerous,” said Murage.

The cold weather, Murage further said will pose a challenge in drying farm produce adding the county is expecting bumper maize harvest after the region experienced enhanced rainfall. “Farmers are thus advised to embrace better post-harvest practices as the cold weather may pose a challenge in drying the produce,” added the CMD.

The recent rains have boosted production of tea at upper sides of Murang’a and the maize crops in lower parts of the county also did well.

“Proper post-harvesting practices, especially on maize, will ensure the county has food for future and especially this time the county is faced by COVID-19 pandemic,” he further noted.

He cautioned travelers to be careful as chilly weather will cause mist thus affecting visibility along the roads.

“We have our boda boda riders who sometimes do not dress well but this time we appeal to them to dress well and cold temperatures may affect their health.

“Mist especially in morning and evening hours will affect visibility in our roads and it’s advisable for drivers to be extra careful to avoid accidents.” Murage further advised.

For the past four days, many parts of the county have been experiencing low temperatures.

By  Bernard Munyao

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