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Brewer closes business, turns to food production

A  brewer in Runyenjes has closed his beer brewing business to venture into human and animal feeds production, saying he is heeding God’s call.

Samuel Muriuki also famously known as Kingmaster from the beer brand he was producing has been running his brewing business since last year, when his factory was officially opened by Governor Martin Wambora.

Muriuki told the press that he is closing his business to obey God’s call to save generations from drugs.

“God told me to think of products that serve people across board, I have now opted to do maize milling and animal feeds manufacturing,” he noted.

The businessman said he will venture into production of flour adding that, “apart from employees, beer only serves a section of people who love alcohol but food serves all people.”

The ambitious entrepreneur who has been manufacturing Kingmaster Special Opaque Beer stunned his employees and public with shift of business to focus on animal and human feed production.

“I will lease out the beer production plant which has a Sh. 8 million bottling machine to investors who might want to try their hand in beer or soft drink production,” he observed.

The entrepreneur observed that his human and animal feed business will benefit local residents and farmers who will get direct access to human food and animal feeds from the factory.

He also said the factory will be buying maize and other raw materials for production from the farmers and in case of inadequacy he will be importing from neighbouring countries.

“We appreciate the move taken by Muriuki but as farmers we are calling on him to consider local markets and eliminate brokers from the market,” James Njeru, a maize farmer in Runyenjes said.

He  said as farmers they are expecting to increase their milk production since they hope locally produced feeds will be a bit cheap.

By  Kimani  Tirus

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