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Bring our Cuban doctors back, Tana River Health Executive pleads

The  Tana River County Health Executive, Mwanajuma Hiribae has asked the national government to return the two Cuban  Doctors  withdrawn from the county over security concerns.

Mrs. Hiribae said the withdrawal of the doctors had greatly affected service delivery at the Hola County Referral Hospital  where they were based.

Dr. Oriol Valon Costa, a surgeon, and Dr. Madelin Areas Hall, a family doctor, were withdrawn from the county following  the abduction of two of their colleagues in Mandera County more than one month ago.

Mrs. Hiribae told reporters in her office in Hola Town that the two medical experts had been of great help to the county  and their withdrawal had created a big void since the county does not have enough doctors.

“The presence of the general surgeon from Cuba had greatly helped reduce the number of patients referred to health  facilities in other counties seeking the services of surgeons,” she said.

“The family physician, apart from serving patients at the hospital, was making great efforts to follow up patients at
their homes.”

Mrs. Hiribae said the notion that Tana River was an insecure county was untrue, noting that there were no incidents that  could indicate that the doctors were not safe.

“Tana River  is  one of the safest place because we have not had any incidents that could be viewed as a threat to the security of the doctors,” she said.

When the doctors were withdrawn in April, Tana  River County Commissioner, Oning’oi  Ole  Sosio said the action had been taken  as a safeguard following the abduction of their colleagues in Mandera.

“They were withdrawn as a safeguard,” he said when asked why they had been taken away from the hospital yet there had not  been any terrorist attack in the county in recent times.

Before they were withdrawn, the two Cubans had blended well with residents and local leaders had nicknamed them Bagana and  Harufa after the names of former  acting County Secretary Salim Bagana and County Public Service Management  Executive,  Harufa  Algi.

By  Emmanuel  Masha

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