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British Army in Kenya: Queen was selfless, committed leader

Queen Elizabeth II, the longest UK serving monarch who reigned for 70 years and died aged 96 years on September 8, has been described as selfless, committed and a leader who had respect for others.

British Army Training Unit (BATUK) Commander  Colonel D.J. Mann speaking in Nanyuki during service held to mark the final day of Queen Elizabeth II here on Earth as other world leaders also gathered at Westminster Abbey in London to pay their last respect to the monarch, Colonel said, Her Majesty too had touched many hearts around the world.

“Her devotion to the UK was evident for all to see but her wider care and consideration for the Commonwealth touched hearts around the World. She always placed others first and in doing so, modelled the values we as soldiers hold dear,” said Colonel.

Colonel Mann also described Queen Elizabeth, as unifier and as a leader who won the affection of many critics of the UK and the Monarch and at the same time brought people together.

“The respect that she earned around the world is unrivalled especially when considering the times she lived through and the great leaders she served alongside. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth provided a constant example of leadership and demonstrated the best of humanity in an ever changing world,” Mann described Queen Elizabeth.

Colonel Mann further pointed out, Queen Elizabeth had a special connection with Kenya in relation to a story of the Queen going to bed in Treetops as princess and coming down as queen in Nyeri County upon the death of his father King George VI.

President Dr. William Ruto is among the world leaders in attendance in London to celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth.

By Muturi Mwangi

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