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Brokers turn to rotten maize as demand rises

Maize brokers in Trans Nzoia county have turned their attention to rotten maize as the demand for the once rejected commodity increases.
This follows increased demand of the rotten maize by Feed companies countrywide.
In an interview with a Mr. Hudson Njuguna a long time maize buyer in Kitale town Friday, he said that the demand for the cereal has gained momentum and was bringing them more profits than clean maize.
Rotten maize has been a preserve for changaa brewers for years and in most cases farmers whose maize rot sometimes just leave it to waste without much attention.
“We are buying the rotten maize from farmers at sh. 700 per 90 kg bag and sell to Feed companies at sh. 1200 for the same,” he said.
According to Njuguna, most maize farmers have little regard for the spoiled cereal and will not mind giving it away at a throw away price.
Many farmers in Trans Nzoia incur post-harvest losses following above normal rainfall that comes during harvesting time.
Trans Nzoia county government has procured only 4 driers which are not enough to assist farmers to dry their cereal.
A 90 kg bag of clean maize is currently going at sh. 1800 down from sh. 3200 when the government used to buy the cereal from farmers.

By Pauline Ikanda

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