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Bungoma, AMREF agree to foster health partnership

Governor Wycliffe Wangamati has signed a pact with AMREF Health Africa that will formalize the working relationship between the two entities.

In the MOU, AMREF Health Africa commits to offer financial and technical support in the health sector to fight malaria and TB among other Neglected Tropical Diseases in the county.

Presently, AMREF Health Africa is running an intensive campaign to eradicate bilharzia, tape worms and round worms by the year 2023.

The drive facilitated by END Fund, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health is expect to reach all the 45 wards in the distribution of drugs to treat the two diseases.

Speaking during the function, AMREF Health Africa Deputy County Director Mr. Albert Wangalwa appreciated the cordial working relationship they continued to enjoy with the county government and assured of his organisation’s support in strengthening the health sector.

Governor Wangamati thanked AMREF for the support over the past years while noting its impact in the health sector.

To date, AMREF has put close to Sh500 million in various projects and programmes in the county some of the most recent being the just concluded fistula repair camp at Webuye County Hospital.

Distribution of drugs is set to run from 2nd to 5th December and members of the public were urged to embrace the treatment and cooperate with health officials who will visit their areas.

Present in the signing were governor’s wife Caroline Wangamati, CECMs, Chief Officers and other county officials.

By Dishon Amanya

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