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Bungoma artists welcome Creative Industry Bill 2023

Content creators and artists from Bungoma County, have embraced the Creative Economy Policy and the Creative Industry Bill 2O23, saying it will grant their talents an access to the market and credit facilities.

The Chairman of Bungoma County Musicians Association, Kasembeli Watila, said that the Bill, if passed by Parliament would strengthen the networks of the artists, locally and at the international level, thus widening their scope of operation.

He was speaking at a Bungoma hotel, during a stakeholder engagement forum, to seek input from youth in the creative industry, on the proposed Creative Economy Policy and Creative Industry Bill.

The forum which was organized by the State Department of Creative Economy in the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, was attended by artists, local musicians and content creators from the County.

They emphasized the need for the local artists, to be given opportunities to perform during national events, saying this would give them an opportunity to market their talent.

The participants at the event pointed out the issue of copyright, as one of the main challenges facing musicians, as some of their content, was being reproduced by unauthorized stakeholders, leading to cases where the musicians lose on their profits.

Mr. David Barasa, a musician called on the area residents, to support the local artists, saying it was through their performances that the musicians were able to earn a living.

The new Bill seeks to promote, and develop individuals in the creative industry.

Marcos Masinde from the Kenya Film Classification Board, who presided over the event and said the views by the youths, would go a long way in developing the Draft Bill, to achieve the targeted goal of improving the lives of the youths.

By Brandon Owiti  and Catherine Nyongesa

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