Explosive found by herders in Samburu

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Herders from Soit Pus area in Samburu Central Sub County today stumbled upon an explosive device believed to have been left behind after military training.

The rusty bomb was found by children who were herding goats in the area about one kilometer from their home.

The children suspected the rusty device to be an explosive and informed their father Thomas Lolkuloo who reported to the police.

“My children found it as they were herding goats, they were not sure of what it was but came home to inform me,” he said.

A team of police officers led by Samburu Central Deputy County Commander Mr Abdikadir Malicha visited the area before securing the device and asked residents to stay away from it as they arrange for its detonation.

“We have established that it is an old rocket propelled motor that was left behind in the 80s when our military used to train at Muramur area in Samburu Central. We have secured it and the process of detonating is being arranged,” he said.

Malicha noted that several incidences of explosives being discovered in the area have been reported asking locals to be vigilant since there may be more explosives laying underground.

“This is not the first incident of explosives being found in this area. I’m urging members of the public, whenever they come across metals which they suspect that it might be an explosive to report immediately to police for action to be taken,” he said.

By Robert Githu

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