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Bungoma County officials implicated in the bus saga probed

A second-hand minibus that cost Bungoma County Assembly of Sh.4.5 million was paid for before being delivered, it has emerged.

Last week, the Bungoma Speaker, Emmanuel Situma  exonerated himself from the case while noting that he had been adversely mentioned.

On  Monday, a committee investigating the controversial purchase of the 33 seater Bus heard from different witnesses who gave contradicting statements that cast doubts on whether procurement procedures were followed.

During  a debate in the House last week, the MCAs accused the assembly leadership of buying a second-hand bus for Sh.4.5 million despite the house  allocating them Sh.6 million.

MCAs  also questioned why the bus had no insurance cover and had been grounded, yet a brand new vehicle comes with an insurance cover from the dealer.

The  public administration committee investigating the matter was chaired by Kabuyefwe ward MCA, John Lutukai. The team will table their report before the house on Thursday this  week.

During the proceedings, it emerged that the company that was awarded the tender was rated number seven during evaluation.

The  Principal Legal Officer, Ignatius  Wangila  made an about turn and disowned a report by his own evaluation team and said the report contained his personal opinion and was addressed to nobody.

He claimed to have written it for his own consumption and was not meant to guide anyone but the County Clerk, John Mosongo accused him of lying under oath.

Mosongo told the committee that Wangila was the chair to the evaluation team he constituted to reevaluate the tender and wondered why he was now changing positions.

Mosongo however, admitted that he did not form an inspection and acceptance committee as required by the procurement laws but went ahead to receive the bus all by himself.

He had no idea if the bus delivered was as advertised and had the same specifications seeking more time to confirm the same from procurement.

An accountant, Julia Naliaka was asked by Khalaba ward MCA, Majimbo Okumu why she paid for the bus before it was inspected and delivered and she told the committee that she was instructed by Clerk Mosongo to do so contrary to the procurement procedures.

By  Roseland  Lumwamu

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