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Bungoma residents advised to apply for ID Cards

Residents of Bungoma County who have attained the age of maturity or lost their Identity Cards (ID) have been advised to apply for the documents as they await rolling out the Huduma cards.

In an interview with KNA in her office, the Bungoma County Registration Officer, Scholastica Arucho, called on residents to apply and collect cards which will help them register for Huduma cards.

Arucho noted Kenyans are still using their Identity cards as the Huduma cards have not been activated awaiting a Bill to be passed in the National Assembly.

She said that Bungoma County received 64,812 Huduma cards, issued 48,386 cards, 33 cards rejected and they still have 16,396 cards yet to be issued out.

The Officer added that collection of Huduma cards in the County is at 74.65 per cent, hoping that most residents will collect their Huduma cards so that they can attain 100 per cent collection.

Arucho, however, regretted that there were 9,478 uncollected Identity Cards lying in their office and Huduma center awaiting collection.

She urged residents to ensure that they collect their identity cards once they have been processed so that they avoid those cards lying uncollected in the office.

She cleared the air since many residents had stopped applying for identity cards saying that they are waiting for Huduma cards saying that one cannot apply for Huduma card without an identity card.

The Registration Officer urged students who have completed Form Four to apply for identity cards in time so that they do not miss out on HELB loans.

By Maureen Imbayi

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