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Busia day care, a gem for cross border women

The Busia County Director of Early Childhood Education Development, (ECDE) Dr. Douglas Barasa has lauded efforts by the cross border women to set up a child care centre.

The Busia Day Care centre was established to help cross border business women who would carry their babies to markets leaving them vulnerable to child traffickers, accidents and rapists.

“The main objective of the program was to enable mothers or traders to access quality affordable childcare and free mothers to engage in income generation activities including trade, entrepreneurship and employment. The project is also intended to assist in redistributing the burden of childcare from mostly mothers,” noted Baraza.

After inspecting the institution, the Director had a privilege of attending the graduation ceremony of 50 graduands who were transiting to pre-primary (PP) 1.

He told parents that ‘whatever you invest in a child is what you will get in return. If you put a dollar you will get 13 dollars.’

“Since its inception on 2nd August 2021, the Busia Childcare Centre has admitted a total of 37 children; 20 boys and 17 girls,” said Agneta Okumu, the Busia Childcare Administrator.

“The youngest is three-months old and the eldest is three years and seven months old,” she added.

The director urged the Busia Day Care fraternity to add playing tools to the institution, citing that development in early years needs a lot of play among children.

The Chair Cross-border Business, Florence Atieno said the project has so far received a lot of support from Busia residents who have brought in over 200 children since its inception and it has also helped cross border women realize profits and expand their businesses.

“Busia Day Care is not only for cross border business women but we also allow civil servants to bring in their children, we have caregivers who are experts and the diet we give is a balanced one,” said Atieno.

By Absalom Namwalo

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