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Busia remains calm amid nationwide protests

Busia County Commissioner Kipchumba Ruto has said that the County is calm despite the anti-government demonstrations going on countrywide.

Speaking to the press in his office on Wednesday, Ruto said that security officers have been dispatched to the seven sub-counties to ensure that there are no demonstrations.

“All the assigned officers have been briefed on how to tame the menace of protests within the County,” CC Ruto said.

He urged security officers to deal firmly with those who go against the law and those who are out to loot the property of the locals.

“We want to urge the local residents to continue with their normal activities,” adding that the government is ready to protect both lives and property.

However, a spot check by KNA revealed that there were reduced business activities in town, with the main bus park almost deserted.

Some of the Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) belonging to the Guardian company were parked at Busia police station for security.

Other Public Service vehicles could also be seen parked behind Busia County Information (the security buffer zone) just in case locals resort to demonstrations.

Learning activities, especially in day schools within town like Lukonyi Boys, St. Joseph Busia Girls, and St. Teresa’s Girls, had only a quarter of the total population report due to fear of the unknown.

There were also heavy security patrols in town, with others on standby at Busia Police Station, just to ensure that there was peace in the town.

By Salome Alwanda

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