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Heavy security in Narok amid protests

The Government deployed a heavy security presence in Narok Town amidst protests to maintain security and prevent any destruction of properties or harm to residents.

Many well-trained police officers have been strategically placed throughout the town with orders to deter any escalation of violence.

The presence of police has had a calming effect, as the heavy security measures dissuaded troublemakers from carrying out acts of vandalism.

Residents, who were previously living in fear and uncertainty, have expressed gratitude for the increased security and believe it will allow them to go about their daily lives without constant worry.

Simon Shukoki, a taxi driver, said the government’s action to maintain security for the residents is very pleasing since they will be able to take passengers safely to their work places.

“We respect the right to peaceful protest, but I urge my fellow Narok residents to avoid violence and destruction of properties”, Shukoki pleaded.

Charles Mbuthia, a trader in Narok Town, thanked the government for its crucial act since their businesses will be very safe.

The deployment of security officers in Narok town has been instrumental in ensuring tight security during the ongoing anti-government protests.

Narok residents have chosen to continue with their normal businesses, with heavy security officers manning the town to prevent any form of protest in the town.

By John Kaleke

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