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Busia to get a third Covid-19 treatment centre

Busia is set to get a third Covid-19 treatment and isolation centre to ease pressure on the current two centres due to rising Coronavirus cases in the county.

According to the County Universal Health Coverage Director David Mukabi, plans are underway to open up a new centre in Malaba town as an addition to the Agricultural Training Centre and the Alupe centres.

He stated, “That is what our technical committee is looking at right now. We have considered Malaba dispensary and we are analysing what it will take to make the facility operational.

“The health services which are currently provided at Malaba Dispensary
will be moved to Kocholya Level Four Hospital to allow for the refurbishment and subsequent conversion of the dispensary into a treatment and isolation centre.”

Mukabi who spoke to the press on Wednesday after closing a three day workshop involving Teso North frontline health workers in Malaba town said there is still need for concerted efforts from all stakeholders in the war against Coronavirus.

“The government will continue offering the necessary support required to combat the virus including testing and treatment.

“However this will be of importance if members of the public change their attitude and behavior and revert to the Covid-19 prevention protocols of wearing masks, keeping social distance and washing hands
regularly,” Mukabi stated.

He expressed dismay that a large percentage of residents had stopped observing the protocols despite the large number of Coronavirus positive cases recorded in the county.

Malaba town where the new centre is set to be established is classified as a hotspot as it hosts Malaba One Stop Border Post where truck drivers use as an entry and exit point into and out of the country.

As of Wednesday Busia County had registered 512 positive cases out of which 508 were truck drivers and only four were residents.

By Melechezedeck Ejakait

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